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Mirella Butcher

With a passion for road safety, Mirella began her driving instructors career as an independent driving instructor and assessor, before joining the Department of Transport. She has worked in both Western Australia and the Northern Territory, so has a wealth of knowledge about both state and federal transport legislation.

Mirella wanted to lift the standard of driving instructing in Western Australia, and so began the Miro Training Centre, Western Australia’s only Registered Training Organisation for Driving Instruction, which is own and operated here in Perth. With a focus on how people learn, Mirella is constantly on the look out for new techniques and technologies to improve the quality of her students. Further, she is always extending her own knowledge of the industry, regularly attending seminars and conferences with the National Safety Council of Australia.

Robin Boccia

Robin brings a wealth of knowledge for compliance in the transport industry. For many years, she worked with Metro Bus (now Transperth) as bus driver, before moving onto customer service within the Perth station. She was stationed at a number of depots around Perth, before her attention was turned from driving to training.

Robin’s focus has always been to ensure personnel know what their doing, in the safest manner possible. She has worked on a number of projects, bringing the quality safety standards of Australia to the world. Her specialty is creating custom quality training programs, having created training for companies such as Schlumberger and DTEC.

When Mirella began Miro, she wanted to provide a quality course with driving theory behind it, leading her to approach Robin to put this together.

Since teaming up with Mirella, she is constantly reviewing the latest legislation, ensuring that Miro’s programs are modern, reflect the latest information and remain interesting and engaging. She stays active in the industry, by participating in course presentations, as well as assessing students.